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Drive informed decisions and accelerate success through Jade’s analytics expertise.

“Information is the oil of 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine” – Peter Sondergaard, SVP Gartner

Are you adequately equipped to harness the power of day-by-day growing data?.

The data cycle, right from data capture to data storage; data processing to analyzing; gathering insights to driving decisions, is contextual in defining the growth strategy of your business. Across your data value chain, we help you scale your capabilities to tap the power of data you didn’t even know you had.

Data and Analytics Services to accelerate your path to value

Business challenges are real, but no challenge is out of reach. With our data and analytics services, we help you field any challenge with a data-driven automation approach. s We work with you, drawing on the experience of 2600+ technology projects to deliver predictable, secure and fast cloud solutions. We are partner with leading Cloud technology companies like AWS, Google Cloud and Oracle, delivering tailored services for individual Clouds platforms.


Advisory and Consulting

We provide Analytics Advisory And Consulting Services to operationalize business value , by understanding your…

Implementation and Migration Services

From gaining insights to making strategic changes in your business, Jade Global is committed to helping…

Managed Services

To ensure that our client's investments into Data Analytics are resulting in real business value, Jade Global has…

Strategic Services

Our team reaches beyond just measuring adoption to bringing it all together by overseeing utility, analytics and…

Understand user search intent and get noticed by quality organic users.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need an SEO agency?

    SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy. In our experience, the Organic track is responsible for 50-60% of new business. As more and more businesses see the value SEO provides, the competition will increase and leave those who ignore SEO behind.

    When looking for a SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, you want to choose a partner that fits perfectly into your current workflow. We have experience working alongside web design, web development, and other digital marketing teams to ensure that we become a true partner in performance marketing.

    As a dedicated SEO firm in Bangladesh, we help our clients stay ahead of their competitors through continued optimization and fresh strategies. Our clients value an agency like us because of our vast experience. digiSocial has helped companies dominate their online presence through innovative SEO strategies.

    As the best SEO agency in Bangladesh, we understand the competitive environment and unpredictable landscape. Our clients expect the agency to keep up with their internal marketing team and lead SEO strategies designed to their needs.

    What makes digiSocial different from other agencies?

    digiSocial provides affordable professional SEO services and believes in the Customer Generation marketing methodology that is dedicated to delivering on the promise. The truth is that your product/service isn’t for everyone.

    We use a customer-led approach to SEO to prioritize the correct keywords and content that properly target your end buyers. We then create a customer keyword universe for these SERPs to create a specific action-plan of how to dominate the mental real estate of the people that end up signing on the dotted line.

    digiSocial team is filled with world-class marketers who specialize in SEO. We approach SEO with a customer-led focus as opposed to a product-led focus – prioritizing user experience, brand, and business goals in mind. Ensuring that you are completely unmissable at every stage of the marketing channel is our goal.

    How many people will look after my SEO project?

    Each of our accounts is supported by a dedicated SEO Strategist who manages the day-to-day communication, strategy, and execution. Each of our strategists is supported by a Managing Director who leads client strategy and frequently joins phone calls.

    Additionally, each of our clients has direct access to the SEO Director and the Client Strategy. This access is not just email and a phone number but includes Slack for quick response to any issues or questions.

    What will the first 30 days of experience with us be like?

    The first 30 days of a successful SEO campaign are important. Within your first 30 days, we work fast to understand two areas of focus.

    1. Understanding WHO you target.
    2. We need to fully understand your audience and what they need. This research includes reviewing customer profiles, interviewing customers, reviewing customer job descriptions, and identifying their jobs to be done (JTBD).
    3. Understanding your website.

    We audit your website to understand any current weak points or areas of strength. We understand what content exists and how you are positioned in the market. We compare against competitors and identify quick wins for gaining traction.

    Once we gather all of that information we can now bridge the gap between your website and the needs of your clients. Using this information, at the end of your first 30 days, we will create a custom SEO strategy.

    What is communication like with us?

    Our ongoing communication with clients can be broken down into three categories.

    • Quarterly Business Reviews: Each quarter we prepare a detailed review of the work and results of the previous quarter and a fresh look ahead at tactics and strategies for the next quarter.
    • Bi-Weekly Meetings: During our bi-weekly meetings we will dive into the details of our work and deliverables. We will prepare details around the work we have completed, and what’s next.
    • Slack Messaging: In addition to emails, or the occasional ad-hoc calls, we leverage slack for quick communication and collaboration. This ensures you never have to wait to exchange ideas, collaborate on a project, or get a few questions answered. Live chat 24×7

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